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Constructed for Mystic Seaport Museum

Materials and dimensions:

Solid white oak, cedar, and pine. Assorted bronze and brass fasteners and hardware.

28' in length, roughly 6' maximum beam


This whaleboat was built at Gannon & Benjamin Marine Railway by myself, Matt Hobart, and Nat Benjamin. It was commissioned by the Mystic Seaport Museum as part of the Charles W. Morgan Whaleship restoration project. Beginning with original drawings from the museum's archives, exact replicas of 19th century whaleboats were constructed to be placed on board the Charles W. Morgan. 

Whaleboats were used and constructed in great numbers during the height of the whaling industry, as the small sailing vessels were used to get close to the whales and launch the harpoon from the bow. At which point, the Nantucket sleighride would ensue.

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