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NY/NJ Harbor and Tributaries Study Stakeholder Comment Text Analysis 

gamma_final [Converted].png

This project reviews stakeholder comments of the Army Corps of Engineers’ Interim Report of the NY and NJ Harbor and Tributaries Study using topic modeling and sentiment analysis.  The purpose is aid the Army Corps of Engineers' to gain a better understanding of wide variety and quantity of stakeholder comments regarding this report, as well as public works and urban planning projects at large.

The visualization was created through a combination of RhinoPythonScript and Illustrator.  Each opaque black form represents a comment and its relation to the topics, with its location dictated from the gamma values table.  The darker the area, the more comments that relate to the inter-topic relationship. 

Interestingly, there is more overlap between comments regarding regional/global environmental concerns and specific project concerns and suggestions than with local environmental concerns.  This implies stakeholders are more concerned with large-scale environmental problems stemming from this project proposal and are viewing this Interim Report within a wider context of environmentalism. 


Topic themes and associated terms with a k-value = 3, and 20 associated terms.

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