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Route 'Optimization' through our digital footprints

A physical mapping dashboard

Materials and dimensions:

baltic plywood, acrylic, paint

44” x 21”, 2020

This piece creates a narrative of mapping software and route generation that is optimized to an individual’s digital profile.  The city layers are shown on left, with the building footprints of commercial, residential, and other zoning types by layer.  This view of the city can be overlaid, using the aluminum knobs, with four different routes between the same starting and ending points.  What differs between each route are the physical retail locations each route has been optimized to pass by.  Our digital twin and online profile become the driver of our physical location and the routes we are directed to take.


How will routes be altered for particular individuals after algorithmically assessing their digital profiles and demographics?  How will this new form of advertising, marketing and capitalism further stratify society?  This piece begins to consider how our physical location will be directed by our digital self, with the conversation and conclusions regarding race, gender, socioeconomics, interests, education, etc. left to the viewer.

This exhibit was displayed at Data through Design 2020 in Manhattan.

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