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Oyster Mini Golf Hole

Collaboration with the Billion Oyster Project
Along the East River in Brooklyn, NY

Materials and dimensions:

Lumber, oyster shells, screen mesh, and variety of oyster farming items

30 ft x 9 ft, 2021


The "Big Oyster" mini golf hole explores the history of New York Harbor through the context of its most important and famous inhabitant, the oyster. Built right alongside the setting of its storyline on the East River in Williamsburg BK, NY,  this hole gives a visual narrative to the abundance of oysters that once covered the harbor, their population demise during the industrial age, and the recovery efforts that have occurred since the passage of the Clean Water Act and the work of the Billion Oyster Project.

The storyline is anchored by oyster shells, depicting the changing population data through time. Objects, tools, infrastructure, and plants complete the narrative to explain dominating harbor uses as the population fluctuates. Additionally, six plaques along the hole give more detailed accounts of the harbor from the early 1600s to today. Environmental awareness is at the center of this playful hole,  as golfers visually experience the history of their beautiful surroundings.

This project was developed in collaboration with the Billion Oyster Project and selected through an open call design proposal funded and selected by Two Trees Development. 

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